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Hey, we are El Famoso

We are a turnkey ecommerce agency based in Austin, Texas. We service entertainment related clients with ecommerce and fulfillment solutions. From basic web development to 360° ecommerce management, we allow you to focus on your brand while leaving the logistical complexity of online retail to us.

If you lack the wheelhouse to launch and manage your own webstore, we are your answer.

This is what we do

We handle thangs.

Ecommmerce Management

Ecommerce management encompasses the full spectrum of functionality necessary to run a successful web-to-consumer retail outlet. We take responsibility for front-end and back-end configuration, product development and management, marketing, metrics, development of SKU systems, promotional campaigns, and order fulfillment systems.

Order Fulfillment

Accurate and quick fulfillment is paramount to any ecommerce operation. The ripple effects from lackluster fulfillment are expensive in dollars and impaired customer goodwill. We operate in-house fulfillment allowing you and us to keep a close eye on your fulfillment operations.

Customer Support

Succesful customer service comes down to accurate order fulfillment and proactive identification of problem orders. We provide email-based customer support, FAQ development, fair shipping and return policies, and daily order audits for typical order issues such as backorders, address verification issues, and oversells.

Logistical Consulting

We offer setup services for clients to assist you with the new store process and a suite of tools to help you maintain control of your brand from your suppliers to your customers front door. We also consult on warehouse layout and operations, shipping and return policy development, customer service portals, and general operational plans.

Custom Reporting

El Famoso provides access to real time reporting and metrics that give you the best information on how to run your ecommerce business. These tools include accounting and sales reports, traffic and device data, inventory management, predictive purchasing, purchase order management, along with many other customizable data points. Know when to liquidate stale inventory and purchase high sales velocity product.

Custom Development

Have a specific functionality and can't find an application to suit your needs exactly? We can develop custom applications. We have the team to engineer custom features for you. Most applications are written in PHP and Ruby and we can easily integrate with various systems through an API.

Digital Products

We have extensive knowledge on instant grat digital delivery systems and digital and physical product bundles. High traffic flash sales are no problem as our delivery systems are scaled based demand and utlitze AWS technology to deliver best in class operation. We allow for customer account downloads and limit the number of downloads per purchase. Take control of your digital products and become less reliant on iTunes, Amazon, Google, and other digital marketplaces.

Product Development

If you are starting from scratch, we can put together a product line, designs, and efficient supply chain options for your brand. We offer Print on Demand technology that provides for no risk testing ground for new product designs. Test the waters before you jump off the deep in with a large purchase order for product. Once you have established designs and an understanding of demand, you can produce merchandise with confidence and less risk.

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